Are you looking for an opportunity to support your charitable cause by raising money? Trinity Car Wash Fundraising program is for you!  We’ll wash cars while you promote your organization and educate others about your cause! All you need to do is sell the tickets, leave the rest to us!

How It Works

To begin, please fill out the application below with your organization’s information. Any organization or group with a 501(c)(3), State Tax Exemption, or State Resale Certificate qualifies for our wonderful program. Once you submit your application, a Trinity Car Wash Team Member will be in touch with you.  We will then obtain your 501(c)(3), State Tax Exemption, or State Resale Certificates, as well as the quantity of tickets you will need for your fundraiser.

We will print $10 tickets with your charity name for your team to sell, based on the quantity requested. All tickets will be numbered for easy tracking. Fundraising ticket sales will begin on the first of the month, and will run through the end of the month.

Once all sales are complete, your group will return all unsold tickets, and half of the amount raised through ticket sales, plus the printing cost of tickets requested.


When you host a fundraising benefit at Trinty Car Wash you’re not only supporting a charitable cause and a local business, but you’re helping to protect the environment as well!  Did you know that a typical parking lot car wash fundraiser which empty into a storm drains lead to our water sources like rivers and creeks? Here at Trinity Car Wash, we utilize a State-of-the-Art Reclaim System that recycles water, and allows us to dispose of chemicals properly. You can save over 100 gallons of water by using our automated car wash!

Profit Examples

(*Costs based on estimate custom printing costs)

  • 250 Tickets

  • $41 (Cost*)

  • $1,209 profit

  • 500 Tickets

  • $61 (Cost*)

  • $2,439 profit

  • 1,000 Tickets

  • $100 (Cost*)

  • $4,900 profit

  • 1,500 Tickets

  • $135 (Cost*)

  • $7,365 profit

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